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Tuesday, 16 Jul 2019
As of Thursday, November 1st, 2012

We reserve the right to edit these terms at any and all times. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

You are allowed to post any number of links as you wish to Spiral13, so long as you follow our few terms:

  • No user may have more than one account.
    • There is absolutely no reason for anyone to have more than one account registered. There is no use, nor benefit in this.
    • If you are caught with more than one account, all accounts in your possession will be banned or removed.
  • No user may post links to porn or illegal content.
    • Any user found to be advertising porn or illegal websites will be banned and reported to the proper authorities. 
  • No user may impersonate a staff member.
    • Acting as a staff member is completely inappropriate. Staff or not, they are still normal people who don't want to deal with unnecessary crap.
  • No user may intentionally attack another member.
    • Debates are one thing, going out of your way to put somebody down will not be tolerated here.
    • Those found to be breaking this rule may be banned or removed.

  • Though not required, we appreciate links back to us if you advertise your own website on Spiral13.